Saturday, 30 September 2017

Reasons for late marriage

 Marriage is an important milestone in every person’s life.
 Marriage is just not conjugal bliss and bedroom pleasure but it forges new relations through our off springs. Every person dreams of a life partner and married life.  But now with girls and boys, both becoming career conscious, marriage has lost priority and is the last thing on the minds of the youngsters. This has resulted in late marriages and, many people are marrying after their prime years.
        What can be the cause of late marriage astrologically ?
        And can the  people  predict it from their horoscopes ?
Yes like other things,  the horoscope provides enough pointers of whether the marriage will be late or not. In India the legal age for marriage for a groom is 21 years and  for the bride it is 18 years. It is almost the same throughout the world except for some African countries where the legal marriage age is lower. Earlier the legal age was lower but as times change  many things also change,  and so has the marriage age also undergone changes. Nowadays most people go for marriage in mid twenties or thereafter. A marriage which is beyond this time, somewhere in thirties can now be termed as late marriage.
The major planets which have significant effect on the time period of  marriage taking place  in a chart are Venus, Mars and Jupiter. If these planets are not well placed or are not healthy, marriage can get delayed.
Venus as we all know is planet of love. If Venus is conjunct with some malefic planet or even if Venus is aspected by malefic planet such as Saturn, ketu or sun it delays marriage. Venus if placed in Leo sign, it indicates late marriage. Sun is the enemy of Venus . Any relation between Sun and Venus delays marriage. Combust Venus may cause lack of interest in marriage and relationships and the native may avoid getting married thus delaying marriage.
7th house is the house of partnerships and it also governs martial partnership that is marriage. The lord of the 7th house, the tenant planets therein and the aspects to this house,  all will effect marriage of the native.  If Mars is placed in 7th house it  leads  to Kuja Dosh /manglik dosha. In this case marriage after the age of 30 years is advisable. Mars matures at the age of 28 and thereafter much of its aggressive energy subsides.
As we all know Saturn will delay but will not deny , where ever it goes. Now If Saturn occupies the 7th house,  the marriage is surely delayed. Again if Saturn is the Lord of 7th house which is possible for Cancer and Leo Ascendants then a late marriage is advisable otherwise there maybe separation between husband and wife.
If the Lord of 7th house is placed with a malefic , again marriage may get delayed.
Similarly retrograde, combust or debilited planets in 7th house may delay marriage.
An interesting observation is that if Ketu is placed in 2,6,8,12 house the marriage usually takes place before the age of 25 years.

Late marriage is not a  set  back but an opportunity for the native to get well settled in career and life. A mature person is more likely to be able to handle the marriage problems and martial adjustments and lead  a happy married life.