Wednesday, 23 August 2017

What suits you more.... business or a job?

Many people are interested to know about their career. Most of the parents worry a lot about the future of their child. I have already discussed how we can know about the profession a native may choose after the analysis of a horoscope. Certain combinations give a sure indication of suitable profession. (Have a look at my article titled Professions) Just to remind, one can know about employment, occupation, honor, trade, and commerce from the tenth house. And to know the outcome of the profession that is the amount of income generated the 11th house also called the Labha house is assessed

It is quite interesting to note that most of the people are interested to be an entrepreneur or do business .One of the reasons for this is that everyone feels that business gives more income rather than a job .Second important reason is that in business one is own master and is independent. In the job incomes are limited (in case of most jobs and to be a CEO one needs to climb a long ladder)
 In this article I would like to discuss what indicators tell whether the person will have an independent business or job, making it easy for the person to decide him- self/herself whether to be an entrepreneur or do business or take up a job.
1.     Planets in the seventh to twelfth houses strengthen the tenth house in the birth-chart. With a strong tenth house the possibilities for an independent business are quite high.
2.     Similarly, planets in the tenth to the third house make the Ascendant strong. A strong ascendant indicates a healthy body without which one cannot do much. Health is wealth is very well said. Also a strong ascendant increases the effects of positive Yogas in the horoscope. So strong ascendant increases the possibilities for an independent business.
3.     To start a career as an entrepreneur a person needs to have a strong willpower, be able to plan ahead and be far-thinking. But the most important trait of an entrepreneur / businessman is the ability to take risks. In a horoscope, the third house is the house of courage, hard decisions and challenges. So if the third house is in a strong position the person can become an entrepreneur/business person. 
4.     Business requires investment of lot of resources specially money. The money can come from rich family, or money which has been stored/saved that is strong second house (Other way of having investment money is getting loan ---debt which comes from strong sixth house.)
5.     Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu are the planets of Purna Parmatmansh. The remaining ones are Jeevansh and Parmatmansh.  Due to the influence of planets of Purna Parmatmansh on the Ascendant or the Ascendant lord, the person will be able to take his decisions independently .This is a good indication and  increases  possibilities to become an independent entrepreneur/ businessman/woman
On the other hand in a job, a person has to follow the orders of others and usually not in a position to take decisions independently.
6.     Looking at the above points the Placement of five or more than five planets between tenth to third houses will increase the possibilities of business.
7.     A very important placement is the Position of Saturn and its effects on the tenth house/lord.
If Saturn becomes strong in the birth-chart and does not influence the Sun, Moon and the tenth house, then the person should choose independent business as a career. However, if Saturn is weak and influences Sun, Moon, and tenth house/lord then he should choose job as his occupation. Saturn is also considered a kaarak of job.
8.     Mars should be strong because the ability to face challenges and have courage to take hard decisions comes from Mars.
9.     The ninth house should be strong. It is the house of fortune. If the person has a strong and good fortune which we also call luck, then achieving success is easy.
10.   Success of every enterprise /business is measured by the amount of income earned .Income /labha is indicated by the 11th house. A strong 11th house is a positive indicator of an entrepreneur/ business person. Also presence of  Dhan yoga in the birth-chart creates a possibility for earning good income.(it can be both for the business /job)
Every businessman’s/entrepreneur’s horoscope will not have all the above traits but if the majority of them are met then one can go it alone and have a successful independent business/enterprise.

(NOTE: -- 7th house is the house of partnerships. Since this article relates to independent enterprise/business 7th house has not been discussed. People with favorable and strong 7th house can have partnership business)