Thursday, 23 February 2017

Why Stars were not favorable to Sasikala

Name                                  Sasikala   Natarajan
Date of Birth                      29-1-56
Place of Birth                     Mannargudi,   Tamil Nadu
Time of Birth                      Not Known

The Ascendant of Madam Sasikala is Capricorn and the Ascendant Lord is Saturn.
Saturn is placed in the 11th house in Scorpio whose Lord is Mars. Mars is also placed here and is Swashetra (Scorpio is ruled by Mars) 11th house has three planets, namely Saturn, Rahu and Mars.

 11th is the house of Gains but it has three malefic placed here and one of them, Mars has lots of strength. Mars indicates struggle and fights which we know have been there in Madam Sasikala's life. Another point of consideration is that Saturn in the house of gains does not stop gains but slows them down. This indicates that the gains will be slow and will involve lot of struggle and strife.

From the 11th house Mars is aspecting (4th aspect) the 2nd house which is the house of stored wealth and status. Mars aspect to 2nd house means lot of struggle and fighting for stored wealth and status which we all know to be quite true in case of Madam Sasikala. This indicates that she will have to face lot of opposition and obstacles for her status and wealth

3rd house is the house of initiative. Here its Lord is Jupiter and it is placed in the 8th house which is the house of obstacles. Thus the initiatives of Madam Sasikala will have obstacles and difficult to execute. Mainly her initiatives will be surrounded by mystery (8th house nature)
It is believed that Jupiter in her case is also retrograde which means that her initiatives and actions will get reversed and thus she faces failures.

7th house the house of partnerships and business alliances has as its  lord  the Moon which is placed in the 8th house of obstacles, occult, mystery, inheritance   and hidden assets. Thus alliances may not work out for her.

Currently with the Saturn transit this year, 2017 can be a difficult year for Madam Sasikala. 

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