Monday, 12 September 2016

Everyone's Lucky Gem----Pukhraj

Look around and we find every second person wearing a Pukhraj--the yellow Sapphire. The Pukhraj is the gem for Jupiter/Guru. It has great powers, reason being that  Jupiter is a strong natural benefic planet. It effects and has great influence on our lives. Jupiter is the provider of money, prosperity, name and fame,property, children and knowledge . Jupiter is the planet of wishes and desire fulfillment. We all know that Jupiter is also known as Guru and therefore Pukhraj is called the Gem of Guru....the Lord

Another important fact of Jupiter is that it is symbolic of the father. It is also symbolic of  husband for the females.In fact most of the females wear a Pukraj(Yellow Sapphire) for the well being and prosperity of their husbands. If a Pukhraj is worn in the right hand  by a female it is for the good of her  husband and if worn in the left hand of a female it is for her own good.

Jupiter being a natural benefic  and it is believed that the Gem for Jupiter---Pukhraj can be worn by one and all. So much so that many people believe that Pukhraj is a noble Gem and  it can  never do harm and so can be worn  by anyone, anytime. Such a line of thought is incorrect and in fact can bring lot of harm.

Gems and Astrology have rules and methods just like science and maths. Where you need to do add up things you cannot subtract and vice verse.To get the right answer/output in any process you need to follow the instructions and the method and the same  is also true of Astrology.

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In Astrology a natural benefic can become malefic if its placement happens to be in a negative house.This rule also applies to Jupiter.  This means that if Jupiter gets placed in 6/8/12th  house it would be a malefic planet. In such a situation it would not be advisable to wear Pukhraj. 6th house is the house of illness,debts and loans, 8th house is the house of death and 12th house is the house of imprisonment, hospital and expenses. Nobody would want to strengthen effects like illness,debt,imprisonment,hospitalisation etc. And if Jupiter happens to be in any of these three houses and Pukhraj is worn it will amplify these very effects. It cannot reduce the ill effects of its placement. It is bound to increase the malefic effects to the wearer of Pukhraj.

It would also be good to avoid wearing Pukhraj if Jupiter is lord of 6th/8th/12th house.

Another very important fact about Pukhraj is that it should be worn during the "Shukala Paksha". This means  Pukhraj should be worn when the Moon is growing (waxing) .This would happen after the "Amavasya" after which we have the new Moon. This also means that Pukhraj should not be worn after the "Poornima"because then the Moon starts to decrease ( waning) and that is called the "Krishna Paksha". Gems like diamond can be worn in any Paksha but Pukhraj should  be worn during the Shukala Paksha only otherwise it gives negative effects. Inspite of everything being right and correct things would be going wrong.

Gems should be worn after proper consultation with an astrologer to avoid  their adverse effects.
Please feel free to send your queries. Due to paucity of time and prior commitments it may take me some time to reply but please be assured that I shall answer everyone.


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