Friday, 26 August 2016

To believe or not to believe

Most of the people do not wish to believe in Astrology.They try to poah-fah it and call it rubbish and supersition. Their main argument against Astrology is that so many people are born at the smae time all over the world so they would have the same fate, Why is it not so?The question is logical.
Let us examine the facts of this question. The foremost is how correct is this question. How many children are really born at the same time world wide. And the second question is why these people born at the same time do not have the same profession/education etc.

As per  Unicef estimates there are 255 births per minute globally. And 34 births every minute in India.So as per law of probabilty the chance of two births at the same time and at  same place is NIL.
Even twins cannot be born at the same time. Ask any doctor, who will tell that at least there will be a gap of four minutes between the birth of twins and that will change many of the astrology charts (even if the birth chart remains same. This is the main reason why twins may look alike,may have similar habits  but their life paths maybe different.)

Well,even if children/people are born at the same time,around the world they will not be ASTROLOGICALLY similiar. Astrologically similair implies tohave the same birth chart and thus the other various charts such as the Navamsha Chart, Hora chart etc which are used for Astrology readings. Coming back to the question why the birth charts are not the same.  This is because the latitutdes and longitude degrees of a birth place effect the planets and their placement which form the birth chart.We all know that there are different time zones around the world and even if we makeprovision for the difference in the time zones the places will not have same planet placements.

We all see the Sun and the Moon and even they are not similairly placed world wide,  Elaboration further,for a person born in India at a particular time the Sun is placed in Aries but at the same time for another person born in USA the Sun cannot be in Aries for the simple reason that both the locations have diferent latitudes and longitudes. This is the main reason that the birth charts are made with the Time and Place of birth. Even within the same country latitudes and longitudes vary. India spreads across  almost 8 to 37 degrees north latitude and almost 68 to 97 longitude. Thus the person born at same time within India will not have the same birth chart and thus will not have same destiny or even the same life path.

Astrology has been termed supersition and myth and never treated as a science whereas it is a most logical stream of study. It involves lot of calculations and facts. Every person and even a class I student  knows that the Sun rises very early in Assam as compared to Delhi and same is true of Sunset. So if the Sun positions are different in the two regions at the same time then the position of  all the other planets should also be different and since planets and their positions make a birth chart it is bound to be different.

It is very easy to discredit a system of study without knowing the facts.We first need to understand the system or a method. A science or a system which has been carried forward over centuries cannot be all rubbish. Our great Astrologers have repeatedly emphasised that Astrology is a science(indeed a difficult science to understand as it has many calculations ).It is no doubt  that it has been misused by the so called fortune tellers who are around to make quick  money. Astrology is a pure science .It holds secrets of future and fate. It is a map of our fate and destiny.

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