Thursday, 23 July 2015

Should you be scared of Shani ?

Shani - the minute the astrologer says this word it seems to spell bad times as well as hard and difficult times. And on this day of Shani
temples all over are thronged by crowds of people who are trying to appease Lord Shani and get respite. It seems Shani is One of the most feared as well as revered planets. The mighty Shani, has been given a very important place in Astrology. This slow moving task-master, the strict disciplinarian i.e. Shani Bhagwan or the Lord Shani is considered to be the greatest obstacle creator. He has the power to move the mountains, and He has the power to make the toughest of the people cringe and cower under his disciplinarian ways.

Astrologically and methodologically, Shani has been associated with the day of Saturday. In fact, in English Saturday derives its name from Saturn, the devil.

As per both popular systems of Astrology, the planet of Shani represents discipline, stability, delay, obstruction, limitation, consolidation, justice, responsibility, maturity, amongst various other aspects. He is the ruler of the tenth and eleventh Zodiac signs- Capricorn and Aquarius respectively.

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology  ill-placed Shani in one’s Horoscope, especially when in a difficult aspect with another planet, can wreak havoc in one’s life. It leads to never-ending struggles and obstacles in one’s life.

Another problem period is Sade Sati . As the name says Sade that is half and Sati that is seven thus it is a period of seven and half years of Shani—a planetary movement of great importance as per the Vedic system of Astrology.

People are quite scared of this phenomenon called Shani Sade Sati. It is considered to be a period of roadblocks and extreme life lessons. It takes place when the transiting Shani begins to move through a Sign before one’s Moon Sign, in the Horoscope (created as per the Vedic system of Astrology). Shani typically takes 2.5 years to complete its journey through one Sign. So, while Shani transits through the Signs adjoining (before and after) one’s Moon Sign and the Moon Sign (in between) itself, it spends 2.5 years in each Sign—hence the total of 7.5 years. One of the best living example of person facing Sade Sati is Dr. Man Mohan Singh, ex-prime minister of India. He faced so many political problems as well as character assassination.

Shani also poses problems on a general level, while it continues its transits through various Zodiac Signs, and especially so if it happens to be in an enemy Sign or the enemy house.

As of 29th May 2015, the transiting Shani is moving in a retrograde motion, which it shall continue to be in till August 2, 2015. Shani is currently transiting through the Zodiac Sign Scorpio, which is ruled by the planet Mars. Astrologically, Shani and Mars are not friendly with each other, and hence, Shani is known to be uncomfortable in this transit.

Currently, owing to this transit and Shani also being in a retrograde motion—things may seem very difficult and exhausting on a broader level. Feelings of frustration, sorrow, depression may be experienced by the people all across, in general. There may be a plenty of obstructions and delays in various projects, tasks etc. People suffering from some health issues and illnesses will need to be very cautious and should pay immediate medical attention, if things deteriorate. Things cannot be taken lightly, during such a transit.

However, does this imply that Shani only represents negative things? Should we always be only scared of him?

Certainly No! If a person works hard, follows a disciplined lifestyle, does good Karma, behaves responsibly and shows compassion to the poor or the less-fortunate, he/she surely is bound to attain the magnificent blessings of Shani! Remember, Shani gives long-lasting and permanent results, but they come at a price—of hard work, sincere efforts and a true heart. His task is to make you more refined and well-rounded in personality. He is the Cosmic teacher, who imparts the important lessons about life. Even during a Shani Sade Sati (7.5 years), if a person stays sincerely onto the path of true service and discipline, the person is known to gain vastly in terms of wisdom, prudence, power and position.

There are some simple task that one can do to appease the tough taskmaster Shani, in general –

1) Worship Lord Hanuman, and recite the Hanuman Chalisa, at least on Saturdays, if not possible to do it every day.
2) Donate some food items or clothes to the poor and needy.
3) Be kind and helpful to old people and the elderly.
4) Be compassionate towards people of lower ranks in the society, including your servants.
4) Offer mustard oil and black sesame seeds (til) or black lentil seeds (urad) in a nearby Hanuman temple or Shani temple.
5)Avoid sleeping on the floor
6)Do not shave on Saturday

May Lord Shani bless us with kindness and compassion.
Please feel free to ask if you have any doubts or problems.

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