Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yes I can change my destiny

Here, I would like to quote from Lt. Shree K.S. Krishanmurthy, the founder of KP Paddhati, from his book KP Reader-II.
Page 54
"God will always be alert and giving such wonderful guidance to the astrologer to predict correctly, if those who consult him would have satisfactorily done virtuous deeds in the previous birth. Only those who had committed serious sins in the last birth will be disappointed in this birth in every walk of life. Even able astrologers will have misguiding facts, which they have to use as the basis, so that their calculation will go wrong and their prediction will fail. Probably the chart given to the astrologer may be casted by a quack and may be incorrect. Or the unluckiest querist would have mentioned 16. The astrologer would have misheard it as 60, worked and offered a prediction which failed finally. Mishearing is God`s action, which is due to  the questioner's Karma. Thus, in everything, the divine force will work. God neither gives proper guidance to him nor allows the astrologer to give correct prediction in his case alone, as he was a great sinner and he has to be disappointed in everything, including the prediction of the expert astrologers."
"One can consult any astrologer. Only when the native and the astrologer have favorable time, the astrologer will be able to give correct prediction to him. But, if their time is unfavorable, everything will go wrong and the party cannot have peace of mind. Good actions alone will yield desirable results. Thus, astrology reminds one to do good alone, which will surely offer peace of mind.
This is FATE.
Many a times people complain to me that I have delayed their readings and instead have given the reading for others before them. Today while reading the above quoted para I understand my own dilemma. I am able to provide some readings so readily and quickly because of fate.
Yes it is true that sometimes some feeling/power overtakes to do a reading. In such cases I am helpless and I need to do the reading for that person. May be this is God’s way of letting me help someone who needs help.
WE all know that almost all people get the horoscopes matched for marriages and yet marriages fail. Everyone conducts marriage in the most auspicious time and Lagna yet the marriages do not work out.
Why? Perhaps again it is destiny. Thus the most important question is Can we change Destiny. 
Yes or NO.
Yes we can change our destiny.
Remember friends that God did write everything but in many places he has also written as you wish, as you want, as you do. So we do have leverage and control on our lives. Good wishes, thoughts and actions are therefore necessary. And SEWA can elevate many of the sufferings where everything else fails.
SEWA is the serve or help we can offer to others. SEWA  is usually provided to people  who are suffering similar problems as us but their problems are more acute than our own. It is not easy task, because the problems we have are serious and difficult and sometimes life wrecking too. But when you meet people who have problems similar to us it helps us to see our problems in details. Understanding others difficulties we reflect on our own difficulties and realize what is wrong and what can be done or should not be done. SEWA is like a mirror of our own problems, that is why SEWA is a great successful remedy

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