Sunday, 2 November 2014

Saturn Transits to Scorpio. How it effects you ?

Today Saturn,  the most dreaded planet has entered Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars is neutral toward anti-movement Saturn
Saturn experiences the aggressive, invasive rashi of Mars a hostile environment Generally, there is a good deal of frustration and delay in this placement due to the counter-active sabotage of aggressive Mars and dispersing Ketu(Co Lord of Scorpio) which combine to cripple the structuring, lawful, carefully time-oriented works of Saturn.
Saturn is the agent of "no-change", conformity, uniformity, non-movement, non-innovation, freeze-up, seize-up, stop. Saturn's rashi shows the environment that He must be situated within, yet He must always resist. Saturn's rashi shows the difficult environment with its features and actors, who create the venue in which Saturn expresses fear, anxiety, and punishment, along with stepwise earning of the privilege to advance in hierarchies and imposition of lawful social order.
In Scorpio, Saturn says "no" to the mysterious, invasive, penetrating, sometimes sneaky, unexpected, disastrous, implosive, catastrophic, emergent, surgical, transformative characteristics of Scorpio. Although Saturn cannot prevent the existence of Scorpio's hidden agitations, its sexual mysteries, or its ability to discover hidden assets, Saturn can prevent these behaviors from moving forward.
Saturn fears invasive movements in Scorpio. Saturn resists penetration. Saturn resists sudden transformations, new identities emerging after catastrophic change. He hates the irregular, the unanticipated, the instinctual, and the sudden - yet these are precisely the actions of Scorpio.
Saturn does His best to deny, withhold, constrain, and restrain action but in Scorpio the rashi of active, competitive, aggressive Mars, lord Saturn feels intimidated and always under attack by a younger, bloodthirsty avenger. Therefore Saturn becomes quite weak in Scorpio. Psychologically, Shanaicarya is always on the defensive. He fears that people are trying to penetrate His inner core, get into His inner sanctum, crowd Him, invade Him, drill into Him. And living in this state of fear wears Saturn down.
Saturn changes its position after every two and half years. Saturn has arrived in Libra after being in Virgo since November 2011. During the transit period, Saturn had underwent retrograde and entered Virgo. After this, it was directed into Libra. If we talk of its present position, it is in Libra and will be in the same position till November 2, 2014.
Due to this, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio will be affected by Saturn Sade Sati. There will also be an influence of Dhaiya(Period of two and a half years) on Cancer and Pisces .
The Impacts of Saturn Transit on each Zodiac Sign
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Aries
During Saturn transit in 2014, you are likely to get benefited by your life-partner. As per Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you will be gaining business profits on a daily basis. If we talk of your fortune, it will produce mixed results, according to horoscope 2014. However, there might be some health issues during the period. As per astrology 2014, familial life, public life and matters related to your mother will witness favorable outputs in 2014.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Taurus
During Saturn transit in 2014, Saturn will be the lord of ninth or tenth house with sixth house. You are likely to get rid of past loans during this transit period, as per 2014 horoscope. Saturn transit 2014 horoscope suggests you to stay cautious in external matters. As per astrology 2014, your health will remain satisfactory during Saturn Gochar or Saturn transit in 2014. You will get success after successive attempts in business, job or paternal issues. Your power will be incremented during this period.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Gemini
For persons belonging to this sign, Saturn transit in 2014 will bring a good transformation. According to predictions 2014, your fortune will get brightened up; you are likely to receive fruitful results for your hard work in studies. Health will remain fine, as predicted by horoscope 2014. This is also a very good time for marital matters, according to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope. However, there might be certain hurdles in financial matters. Your familial matters will produce mixed results.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Cancer
According to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, familial matters will experience a favorable time after facing a handful of troubles. As per 2014 horoscope, enemies will be effectless. During this transit period in 2014, matters related to government, job, business, and even issues related to your father, need to be dealt with caution. You are suggested to be very careful and cautious.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Leo
Due to Saturn transit in 2014, planet Saturn will be beneficial for you. As a result, there will be an increment in your courage, says predictions 2014. According to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you will get benefits from your friends and partners. As per 2014 horoscope, there might be some troubles in your fate. Hence, you might face obstacles in fortune related matters. External matters will prove to produce mixed results for you.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Virgo
Saturn will be in your second house, during Saturn transit in 2014. Also, it will be the lord of fifth and sixth house. According to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, this will be beneficial for communicating ability. As per astrology 2014, children will prove to be supportive during Saturn transit in 2014. You are likely to attain success in examinations, as well. However, as predicted by 2014 horoscope, you should be cautious while driving a vehicle. Matters related to income will show mixed outputs.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Libra
Saturn will be the lord of fourth and fifth house, during Saturn transit in 2014. As per Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, this will cause initiation of new tasks, with its rising influence. You are likely to get benefits from children, mother, property, house, or even the public. You will remain concerned about your life-partner. You will be successful in governmental, business, and professional matters. Your conditions at workplace are likely to be satisfactory.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Scorpio
For Scorpions, Saturn is the lord of third and fourth house, and is transiting in your twelfth house. As per Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you are likely to gain success with an optimum utilization of power and courage. You should take suggestion from your brother while stepping into a crucial task. Familial life will be satisfactory, during Saturn transit in 2014. Astrology 2014 suggests you to stay aloof and alert from your enemies. Saturn Sade Sati will be benefic for you.

Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Sagittarius
Saturn is the lord of second and third house and will transit in your eleventh house, during Saturn transit in 2014. Hence, this is a good time for wealth, family, speech etc. You will get success in saving money. You will get support from your brothers and friends. If you are a student, you are advised to stay cautious and remain concentrated on studies. Health is likely to remain fine.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Capricorn
Saturn is lord of second house and is posited in ascendant of tenth house, during Saturn transit in 2014. This will bring fruitful results of your efforts. Your courage is likely to increase; domestic and monetary matters will be beneficial. You need to stay cautious while dealing with matters related to your mother. Astrology 2014 also advises you to stay careful with real estate issues. Marital life will be of mixed nature.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Aquarius
For Aquarians, Saturn, being the lord of twelfth house and ascendant, is posited in the ninth house. During Saturn transit in 2014, you are likely to be fortunate. Things will turn out to be favorable as your luck favors you. However, as suggested by Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you should stay cautious with issues associated to your brothers. As per astrology 2014, opponents will not be able to inflict their impacts on you. Health will be fine during Saturn transit in 2014, as per horoscope 2014. Father will be supportive. A tour is on the cards, which may take you abroad as well.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Pisces
For natives of sign Pisces, Saturn will be in eighth house, being the lord of eleventh and twelfth house, during Saturn transit in 2014. Hence, you might have to face troubles; although, success will definitely come, gradually. You will get support in external matters. Money will be spent on domestic matters. There will also be an increment in your prestige. Apply discretion to situations during the period of Saturn transit in 2014.

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