Sunday, 5 October 2014

Help, I am cursed!

My Nakshatra is  Aslesa. When I searched about this Nakshatra most of the articles mentioned overwhelmingly negative things about it. I feel cursed.
If my this life is cursed, there is seemingly nothing I can do about this misery.
Please help me . If I cannot help myself then at least I can avoid harming others.

In truth, you are not cursed at all. The idea of a curse is superstitious . The idea of a lifetime curse grants ultimate power to some entity (fate) which stands above (super) the self. I have no patience with superstition and as an educated person I hope that you also eschew this disempowering delusion.
Aslesa belongs to the group of six nakshatra called "Moola" (Azwini, Aslesa, Magha, Jyestha, Mula, and Revati).
Of these six, Aslesa is called the "Sarpa Nakshatra".
Traditionally, birth in Aslesa "the leash" is considered inauspicious due to implications of binding, involuntary holding, snakes, unsavory attachments, and entrapment. Therefore certain rituals are performed 27 days after the birth to eradicate these.
Aslesa is a karmically inherited set of subconscious emotional expectations and partly conscious behaviors. Due to the profundity of its unmet need for holding, soothing embrace (which is a carry-over from previous lives) Aslesa begins life in a state of extreme childhood neediness and develops manipulative skills to attempt to get the physical-emotional needs met.
Unfortunately in the process, Aslesa the Naga may become self-obsessed, "pining for entwining" so that a major portion of the life force may be directed into the behaviors of manipulation, cajoling, and surreptitious quest for embrace.
Aslesa at birth indicates a fixed starting point for the incarnation. However as the native develops a more conscious awareness of the nature of the unmet need and of one's own characteristic but often unsuccessful style of trying to fulfill the need. consciousness gains power and authentic changes in both understanding and behavior may easily be accomplished.
Once the Aslesa"leash" syndrome is brought into sharp and realistic focus, healthy ways of engaging in therapeutic touch can be developed such as healing massage, or working with needy children, or other non-predatory touch modalities.
Every nakshatra indicates the emotional starting point for the incarnation. Permission to move past the starting point into greater emotional health is granted by no outside power. Permission to heal is granted by the self, to the self. In reality, there is no power outside of oneself. The karmic "curse" is largely resolved at the moment of granting  oneself Permission to Heal.
You were born in Aslessa, for a specific and intended spiritual reason, according to the agenda set by your spirit. That is true, you chose Aslesaas a defining start point.Now the question is whether you are willing to grant yourself permission to heal. However freedom requires a conscious decision to move forward. The decision is yours. No one else, no external object, controls the power to seek conscious healing. It can be done Only by you.
The people who talk about curses are themselves victims of the 'spell' of ignorance. All features of the Jyotisha nativity are starting points only. Of course, most people are sleep-walking through their incarnations, caught in a dream-state of vague and shifting desires. These people remain lashed to their starting points. For them, there has been no change since the moment they  were born on this earth.
If you are ready to step out of the dream into a realistic view of Self, the healing change can begin.

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