Monday, 14 July 2014

Transit of Mars and its affect on each Zodiac Sign

There is a lot of planetary movement. This is definitely affecting all of us and many people are just wondering why suddenly things are going a different way. Venus is in transit, partnerships and love life is affected. Then Rahu is in transit which is the doer of sudden things, new plans and sudden success or failures. And then Ketu, the one which makes us do wrong and scatters all that we have gathered. Last but the least now Mars is also changing places. Mars the action planet, it also effects our health, especially temper and blood pressure.
Today itself Mars will be transiting into Libra once again after getting retrograde. It will stay in Libra till September 4 2014. Mars will be joining Rahu and Saturn for a day and then, Rahu will be moving back to Virgo .
Planets exert their true effects when they return to the sign after getting retrograde.
Effects of Mars transit according to Zodiac sign:
1.      Aries: Likely to have problems in personal life.  Although Mars is the ascendant lord, but it will aspect the ascendant. Therefore it can cause heated discussions and maybe some physical abuse, in this period. Work front will be just satisfactory. Avoid argument with life partner as there are chances of separation in your marital life.
2.      Taurus: The seventh lord will be moving to sixth house, showing some differences with the spouse. There will be good work progress and not much to worry about. Just stay cool and don’t be short tempered.
3.      Gemini: You can expect some new friends and monetary gains in this period. There could be some gains from speculations also, but don’t invest until you’re 100% sure. Your spiritual progress may get blocked for some time.
4.      Cancer: Work front will be good, but health can give you troubles, particularly blood pressure. Take care of it properly.
5.      Leo: Luck will be with you. You will outperform others. There will be name and fame coming to you. Enemies will be demolished.
6.      Virgo: You may be hit by a sharp object on face or near thighs such as a pointed end of a table. You may use foul language and quarrel with family members.
7.      Libra: Many of the Librans are going through a rough patch in their personal lives. If any legal issues, they would progress and perhaps be settled before Mars leaves Libra or by  November 2
8.      Scorpio: Extra efforts will be required from your side to get things done in time and shape. You will feel dejected many times and will want to throw away it all. But don’t worry and keep working. Some problems in personal life will come, but will be negligible.
9.      Sagittarius: You need to control your behavior. One just cannot do everything by using force or shouting. There are good indications as far as profession is concerned. You may think of changing your job.
10.    Capricorn: A good Yoga of ascendant lord and 11 th lord in 10 th house will be formed. It will promote you further in your goals. Saturn will become direct in July itself, so you will find that many things will get accomplished by September-October. This is a good transit for you.
11.    Aquarius: The same good Yoga of 10 th lord and ascendant lord will be formed in 9 th house, but it will not be much beneficial. There will be undue expenses and dejection at many fronts, because Saturn rules the 12 th house also. It will still be a better time than what you have been going through, till now. You are likely to be inclined towards religion and spirituality.
12.    Pisces: There may be some sudden losses and defamation caused by your own lazy attitude. Siblings may give problems to you. There could be some indirect gains through illegal or immoral means.
So, this was all I had for Mars transit in Libra. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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