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On June 18 at around 8 pm, Venus  transited  into its own sign Taurus. It will stay there till July 13, 2014. Just like we feel safe, happy, and comfortable in our homes; planets also behave in the same way.
This transit of Venus is positive. It will affect those people who are passing through some Venus period( (Dasha Bhukti Antar).
Planet Venus
After Mercury, Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun. It is said to be the twin sister of Earth, as it is very close to the mass of Earth. It is the brightest planet in our solar system. Venus glows because of the presence of sulphur.
According to the Hindu mythology, Venus is called Shukra, who is the teacher of demons. He is named as Shukracharya. Shukravar (Friday) is the day for Venus. Shukracharya is said to be the founder of astrology, architecture and airplanes.
According to the astrology, Venus has a Mahadasha(main) period of twenty years. This planet is considered more benefic and less malefic. It is the ruler of  both Taurus & Libra zodiac signs.
Venus is associated with beauty and femininity. For a male, Venus tells  about his wife. Planet Venus represents love, romance, sexuality and arts. Venus is also associated with science of Ayurvedic medicine, Mantra and hypnotism. Venus brings wealth, luxury and comfort into one's life. It also represents sweet drinks and includes alcohol. The people having strong Venus in their birth chart have very good love life. Venus seeks happiness for everybody, but it may come through compromises in your life during Venus transit this year.
Venus controls your Indriyan (sense organs). According to the numerology, Venus is the ruler of number 6. White is the color for planet Venus.
If Venus is well placed in a horoscope this transit may bring good effects.  It may give  immense beauty, arts, knowledge, happiness and wealth. Strong Venus increases the chances of marriage in a native's life. If we talk about the general changes due to the Venus transit 2014, it may bring happiness in the world.
The presence of Venus may cause rainfall as spring is the season of Venus.
NOTE- It rained yesterday(18-6-14 and it rained today as well 19-6-14)
Effects of this Venus Transit (Effects are given for Ascendant and not for zodiac sign. These effects are likely to happen if one is passing through a Venus period, it can be even a sub-period or a sub-sub-period even. Other People will not be effected . )
1.     Aries: There will be monetary benefits and love will bloom in your life. You will spend time on entertainment and arts, as per your social strata. You will chew lot of “Paan” this month, if you are into company of such people; otherwise, you may have too much intake of sweets and ice creams. Some of you may buy gold, others may buy new vehicle and some of you may opt for new furnishings for the house. Health issues related to sex organs may interrupt in the end.
2.     Taurus: It is a good time for buying new electronic items. You will develop good relations with relatives and friends. There will be good atmosphere in family. Your left eye may have some irritation due to overexposure. Short travels are possible to nearby places along with neighbors or friends. There could be overindulgence in sexual activities.
3.     Gemini: Your temperament will fluctuate like sine waves, but you need to control it. You will get good support from friends and others. You will enjoy sound health. Some of your wishes will be fulfilled in the last phase of the transit. Overall it will be a good time for you.
4.     Cancer: The transit indicates good progress in work. You will have uncontrolled expenses. Your personal life will be good. You may have some health related issues. Some misunderstanding may be possible with your father and with other elders in the family.
5.     Leo: There will be religious activities at your home. You will be benefited by good progress in work field & business and through politicians. There will be relief from some old ailments or you may find the right person to cure it. Spendings need to be controlled. There will be many good news in this period for you, that too all of a sudden.
6.     Virgo: Seniors may not co-operate and you may feel disreputed in front of them. But, later things will move for betterment. There may be health issues, that should be taken care of. Female friends will increase and work will be great in the second and third phase.
7.     Libra: Luck may not be much favorable for you. You will have religious bent of mind. There may be some health issues to both males and females. There will be accomplishments of works, but only if you put in lot of efforts. There will be relief from some old problems.
8.     Scorpio: You will become popular in your social or friends circle. You will have good work progress and you will do religious deeds. There will be some long journeys. The health of elders will remain good. Personal life will be good and you will have good feeling flowing in you in this period.
9.     Sagittarius: This will be a good month for you in some matters like professional growth, health etc. Personal life may not be much promising due to some ups and downs going in day to day life. Health of elders will remain good in the family. You may go for a long pilgrimage journey.

10.    Capricorn: There will be an unexpected good news coming for you, as you may be expecting to fail, but in reality you will make it through. This month you will have good personal life, but there may be many expenses you may have to bear to make it good. There may be some breathing or lungs related issues, but you need not to worry too much.
11. Aquarius: Your mother’s health will be good. There will be gains from job /business. Personal life will also be good. You will have normal life . Things will remain as usual. Friends will  help you.

12.Pisces: There will be short journeys; your communication will improve. There will be much eloquence in your speech. You will be favored out of turn. There will be some unexpected good news coming your way.

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