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Overcoming the Mangalik Dosha

The Mangalik or the Mangal Dosha can be troublesome and affect the married life, substantially. Kundali matching and judging the Mangal Dosha is the job of an expert astrologer, and it must be done only after carefully analyzing the horoscopes of the boy and the girl, both. 
It may interest the readers to know that the marriage of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan  was delayed because of Mangal Dosha. Though Ash and Abhishek visited Kashi Vishwanath temple for shanti of Mangal Dosha it is considered to be futile by many astrological authorities.
There is  a belief that the negative consequences for a single-manglik marriage can be resolved if the manglik first performs either of  the three ceremonies  -- Kumbha Vivah, Vishnu Vivah and Ashwatha Vivah, (this finds mention in the  religious hindu books namely Dharam Sindhu and Mahurat Chitamani)
What is Kumbh Vivah
It is a marriage ceremony which is solemnized in a closed room where only the girl, her parents and the priest are present. The girl dressed as full-fledged bride is first married to the urn and then made widow by breaking the urn, reflecting that the Mangal Dosh has been addressed and the real marriage to follow will be successful.
What is Vishnu Vivah
It is a marriage ceremony just like the Kumbh Vivah. The marriage takes place with a silver or gold idol of lord Vishnu.
What is Ashwatha Vivah
It is a marriage ceremony just like the Kumbh Vivah. The marriage takes place with a banana tree or a peepal tree.
Performing either one of the three vivah alleviates the obstacles in marriage -- Vivah Dosh -- and then saves the bride from widowhood -- Vaidhavya Dosh – and these can only be addressed by performing any one of above three rituals.
Exceptions and cancellations of Mangal Dosha:

1. If Mars is debilitated. (Mars is debilitated in Cancer sign up to 28 degrees.)
2. If Mars is combust (Mars becomes combust when it is within 17 degrees of the Sun in the same house)
3. If Mars is in own sign of Aries or Scorpio (Aries 12 to 30 degrees and for Scorpio 20 to 30 degrees)
4. If Mars is exalted (Mars is exalted in Capricorn sign up to 28 degrees)
5. If Mars is in Leo in 8th House
6. If Mars is in Sagittarius in 12th House.
7. If Mars is aspected by a benefic.
8. If a strong benefic is placed in the 9th House
9. If Mars is exalted or in its own sign in Navmansa chart.
10. If boy and girl both are ‘Manglik’ (here it is very important to get advice from a good astrologer because even if both are manglik the effects may not be getting cancelled)
 The bad effects of Mangal Dosh can be reduced with the help of astrological remedies which would generally include the application of Pooja, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities and these remedies are different for different individuals depending upon the horoscope. Yet some simple remedies will be discussed and given in the next blog.

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