Sunday, 25 May 2014

Manglik boy or girl, Good for marriage or not

The most frequently asked question an astrologer faces is about the compatibility of the horoscopes of  would be bride and bridegroom. The anxious parents as well as the bride and the bridegroom first of all want to get the “gunas “assessed.
But the most anxious are the parents who have Manglik child. Even the matrimonial websites have a special link for the manglik people. Why are people so afraid of the Manglik? Before I answer that question let me tell you what causes it. But rest assured that Manglik is nothing to be afraid of and there are many simple remedies available for a successful long married life.
Manglik or Mangal Dosha is the effect of the planet MARS. The planet Mars is a fiery planet and causes quarrels and fights. The unfavorable placement of mars in the birth chart is called Mangal Dosha.
The first house of the birth chart represents the self, second house represents the family, fourth for happiness and the seventh for the life  partner whether male or female, eighth stands for the death of the native and the twelfth house for bedroom, comfort and sensual pleasure. Now if Mars is placed in any of these houses it causes a malefic effect as Mars is a malefic planet. Such a placement of Mars  is known as Mangal Dosha. As Mars is fiery in nature and it is placed in the first house, the native will be very quarrelsome, if it is in the second house that would affect the family of the native, destroying domestic harmony in the family and so on with the other houses.
Most commonly the Manglik Dosha happens when Mars afflicts the seventh house. Reason is that Venus is the enemy of Mars. Seventh house lord is Venus. Thus if Mars afflicts it there is bound to be unpleasantness with the relationship of seventh house and that is marriage. In addition to the above  there are many other planetary positions which can result in Manglik Dosha.
And surprisingly 60-70% horoscopes have Manglik Dosha. But in many cases the Dosha does get cancelled when compared with the other horoscope for marriage. This is why people try to find a Manglik match for a Manglik person. This is because of the effect and placement of Mars in both the horoscopes; they neutralize the effects of Mars in each other’s chart.
People and Astrologers have made Manglik Dosha a dreadful Dosha. People get easily frightened if told of this Dosha in the birth Charts. But it is nothing to get so frightened because there are easy remedies for correction of this Dosha. Many people avoid marriage due to fear of this Dosha.
 Even if you are married and either of the partners has this Dosha remedies do work. And if your martial life is disturbed it may be due to Manglik Dosha.

If you wish to know whether you are manglik or not you can send in your name, place of birth, date of birth and time of birth. This is a free service for the benefit of the readers.

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