Saturday, 10 May 2014

How to Get divine blessings through your mother?

A very happy mother’s day.
Almost all the media is full of these beautiful words. Everybody is suggesting some or the other gift for the MOTHER. Well, all mothers will feel very happy to receive a gift from her children but what gift would a mother need. Flowers, Cards, Cars, Clothes, Jewellery........what would be the best gift for the person who gave you your life? Perhaps a few moments of chit chat, or a big tight hug or just putting your head in her lap, to let her stroke your hair?
A mother is a very special person. Of course it is true that a mother is born when a child is born. But, before the birth, mother is the woman who carries us for nine months while bearing the pains, agony and of course the little ones kicks and pushes is the one  human being who is going to be there always, whether good times or bad times. Her love is the most self-less love. She is the one who makes your life after sacrificing hers. She is awake at nights for her child, whether he is studying or out partying with friends, she will only sleep when she is sure you are safe and secure in your bed. She will check on her child umpteen times to be sure of the child’s comfort.
She is there for us to hold and comfort when we are sick or hurt. She is the only person who will laugh with you and cry with you. She is the only person to whom your success is a matter of great pride.
Hold your hands together and look what you find in your hands, a part of your mother. She is there.
Mothers are the sweetest gift from God to us. There is no way we can ever really thank our mother for all that she does for us. This reminds me of a story I heard in my childhood. A very proud & a rich man one day declared that he did not owe anything to anyone. Suddenly a wise man told him that there was a woman whom he did owe. This was his mother. The rich man asked his mother what he owed her. She called him to his bed and asked him if he could sleep there. As soon as the man slept she poured a mug of water on the bed. The rich man got up screaming and abusing. His mother reminded him that that is what he did when he was a little baby, just like every baby he would wet the bed. The wise man then asked him how he would repay his mother for her sleepless nights. The rich man had no answer.
Of course there are no wet nights now, we have diapers for dry and happy nights, but the babies still cry at night and mothers do spend sleepless nights. The love is not in the sleepless night but in the act of a parent, specially the mother who cares for the baby. This care and love is never ending, for a mother a baby is a baby all his life.
And how do you think we can repay our mother. There is just no way
Children, mothers also grow with you. They understand your needs and they make adjustments to their lives so that they are there for you when you need someone. It is very true that mothers are the only person whom you will find besides yourselves even when your shadow has left you. She will always love you. There are no words which can do justice to the emotional string between a child and the mom.
But in very unfortunate cases this string breaks. It is the most unlucky thing to happen. Astrologically this will happen if the fourth house is badly placed or is badly affected. Fourth house is  the house of comfort within one’s own home, and governs the ownership of properties. It is also the house of schooling and primary education.. People without comfort in their own house are going to be unhappy. People without property, well again are not well placed in life. It would not be incorrect to say that just as the mother is the root base of our lives, so is the fourth house the root base of our lives and both need to be positive and strong for us to be happy.
People who love their mothers, respect their mothers are really lucky people as it is very sure that they have good stars in their most important house of the birth chart. Serving ones mother is divine service and perhaps it’s the mother’s blessings which bloom into happiness in our lives.

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