Monday, 12 May 2014

Being a mother

A very happy mother’s day. ..a day reminding and remembering mothers.

And oh all the mums are feeling so special and loved. WE are great creatures of God and are the best gift of God to our children. But stop let us see what is it that makes a mother such a crucial relation in the world.

We all know that a Mother is the most important person for a baby. While it is a fetus, it gets all the nourishment from the mother. It is well believed and scientifically proven that the fetus also picks up much emotional and physiological make up from the mothers behavior and her environment. Doctors suggest good music, good reading and happy surroundings for the mother so that she has a happy baby. The story of Mahabharata tells how Abhimanyu learnt about the Chakraviu. But do you have any idea of what a Mother means to a newborn?

She's the first person the baby's brand new eyes see as they look around their new world outside the womb. Her warm embrace is the first thing a baby feels as she wraps her arms around the new arrival. Her special fragrance is the first whiff of comfort the baby gets as it breathes. In short, she is the world to a new baby...
Of course we all know mother is very important person in our lives. But what does a mother feel as her child grows. For every success a mother will pat her child and attribute it to the child’s hard work and sincerity. Does she ever think of her own effort? No.

Bringing up children is the law of nature. All living being produce and rear their children, humans are no different. But there is a great difference in the attitude of the parents. Birds and animals push their children to independence but we humans fear to push our children. Perhaps it is the empty nest syndrome which frightens us.

Mother’s are greatly responsible for bringing up children. Of course these days’ fathers are also putting in their efforts right from changing diapers to feeding the child. But a mother’s role is greatly different and we all acknowledge her love & sacrifice. All mothers are loving, sacrificing, adoring and every mother is special just as every child is special. But what is so special and important about motherhood?

Motherhood is shaping a human being. It is forming the blue print of a future personality. No matter how much the father may be doing for the child but it is the mother who shapes the person that a child grows to be. It is the mother who encourages the child, soothes the frayed nerves and instills the confidence of growing up. It is a great responsibility that a mother shoulders. Indeed the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

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