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The Astrologer looks at the 10th house of a birth chart to know about the profession of a person. The 10th house is also known as the Karma Bhava, meaning the work .Karma also means
·         action - work - deed - effort - business - office - duty
One can know about employment, occupation, honor, trade, and commerce (also of the father) etc. from the tenth house.And to know the outcome of the profession the 11th house also called the Labha house is assessed
In addition to assessing the 10th house for profession and 11th house for its outcome and benefits, one also needs to assess the 10th and 11th house from Surya.
1.     Dignity, prestige, success in public life, father's wealth, and " Karma" or Effort,are seen in: 10th house from radix lagna
2.     L-10
3.     10th from Chandra and L-10-from-Chandra
4.     10th-from-10th, or Yuvati Bhava
5.     Radix (D-1) planets in Makara (Capricorn)
6.     Radix L-10 within navamsha
7.     Surya's condition in navamsha
8.     Radix L-10 within dashamsha (D-10, the 10th harmonic varga)
9.     10th house within D-10
10.                        Sun and Moon in D-10
Various house lords will alter one's style and ability in performance of active duty. A good house lord in the 10th makes profession, authority, and other implications of karma bhava better. A dushthamsha lord makes it worse. But all lords have certain good and bad effects.
·         For example+ L-2 occupying karma bhava puts L-2 in 9th-from-swakshetra, a decidedly auspicious angle.
·         Native exhibits well developed moral and aesthetic values, capital wealth (often a profession handling some form of cultural or capital wealth) and a healthy family lineage.
·         Graha drishti affecting karmasthana or L-10: benefics casting drishti upon L-10 improve easy and skillful expression of vocation
·         benefics on either side of the L-10 also improve easy and skillful expression of vocation
·         malefics casting drishti upon L-10 create obstacles and impedance in expressing and developing the basis of moral leadership
·         malefics on either side of the L-10 slow down or thwart easy expression of career and vocation
·         Mercury in 10th gives an administrative career. Saturn in 10th (with strength) shows a rise through toughness. Etc.
Leadership capability whether compassionate or authoritarian, whether popular or hated, whether in education, politics, commerce, law, finance, medicine, or a host of other marketplace specialties, will manifest through the 10th house and its lord.
Das comments, "A benefic is in 10 from Moon or a benefic is in 10." "This combination is of some advantage to your career and rise in life and your reputation. "
Auspicious Mercury is major indicator of ability to articulate complex thoughts. Therefore mercury along with strength of L-4and L-7 is required for success in higher academics, such as university teaching and research careers. Most people who earn Ph.D.'s will be found to have the strong positions of Mercury signifying verbal and written articulation and robustly analytical intelligence.
The ability  to practice all three traditional professions - teaching, law, and medicine - requires advanced graduate education, so all practitioners of the professions will have some planetary combination of Jupiter, Mercury, and L4-+L-7+L-10 which distinguishes their career as intellectually distinguished.
However it is the professors and consultants in these fields who are the most intellectually engaged with their subject matter. So, when we see a strong Mercury in yoga with favorable Guru and a distinguished Kendra lord, we expect not only a professional position, but also a degree of intellectual leadership within that profession.
Certain signs for Mercury are allied with specific professions.
·    Budha in Dhanusha [Mercury in Sagittarius] is quite helpful for practice of law, particularly at the teaching and policy levels. If other factors collude, Budha-Dhanushya can be a professor of law or top government policy maker. Very strong placement when in bhava-7 (= law courts)
·    Budha in Yuvati bhava (the 7th house)in most signs gives a natural capacity to articulate contracts and agreements. A natural negotiator. In Dhanushya rashi, excellent for the solicitor's profession, eventually becoming a judge.
·    uttama- Budha in Kanya (Mercury in Virgo) is supremely articulate; the native blessed with this placement will flourish in any field of logical inquiry and instruction. This position has a natural affinity for medicine, and will often be found teaching, writing, diagnosing and prescribing in one of the medical traditions - whether tribal medicine, homeopathy, pharmaceutical, Ayurveda, etc. Excellent in all rational-analytical professions. Tends to be a decision-tree professional of some stripe. See the gazillionaire investors Warren Buffet, Bill Gates; also the dramatist-lecturer Christopher Reeves, who earned millions by speaking and writing even while quadriplegic.
·    Swakshetra Budha in Mithuna (Mercury in Gemini) is also highly articulate but His focus tends toward rapid, short-term communication and rather than Kanya-Budha's slower more comprehensive, longer-term logical inquiry. Mithuna-Budha thrives in any fast-paced business environment but they are easily bored in stodgy academics. E.g., Budha in Mithuna/7 enjoys commercial law.
And a strong and well placed Venus indicates acting or related professions where one earns by virtue of arts like singing or acting. Generally Venus will have to be strong in the horoscope, for  one can  to be an actor, dancer or singer. Venus must be intimately connected with the10th bhava (house) in some way or other.
E.g., if Venus occupies 4th or 10th Bhava or if Venus aspects the 10th house or if Venus is conjoined with the lord of the 10th, the means of livelihood will be singing and acting.
If in a nativity, Venus becomes the strongest planet with reference to the 10th Bhava, and occupies powerful places from Lagna and the Moon, and joins Mercury, the native becomes an engineer."
The birth chart and the planets therein give a complete plan of our professions and it would be really helpful to take advise from a good Astrologer.
Should you have any queries regarding your profession,you can 
write to me, I shall be happy to help.

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