Thursday, 6 March 2014

Parents can make exams easy.

WE are in the mid of board exams (House/Bhava 3), for Class X and Class XII. The  final semester exams are also being held for most of the classes, with all the students(House/Bhava 1), parents (House/Bhava 4 and 9), and the teachers (House/Bhava 4), tensed, worried and just praying for the best results of their wards(House/Bhava 5).
Astrologically we can see how different House/Bhava  are getting activated during this period. Due to activation and involvement of many different houses lot of energy is generated. The generated energy is inter-related and therefore each native of the different house gets stressed.
Thus the exam time becomes  a stressful period but the worst sufferer in this is the student. The parents (House/Bhava 4 and 9), have the most important role, but they really fail to understand their role.
What should a parent (House/Bhava 4 & 9), do?
The first most important thing to remember now is that it is the attitude of the parents which is going to bring their child’s result. Believe me this is absolutely true. You now just need to make yourself (House/Bhava 4 & 9), and your child (House/Bhava 5), just relax and be confident. This can be achieved only if the parents (House/Bhava 4&9), have realistic expectations of their child. Every child born on this earth is unique and special but all children are not the same. All the children cannot be scoring 99% or A++. Accept your child for what he/she is and what the child can achieve because every person has limitations and failures. Remember your own days; you did not get 99% or A++ always. Acceptance is the best key for getting your child to perform well. Once the child feels trusted you will feel the child becoming more responsive and hardworking and producing the best results possible.
Every child has an ambition and has a dream which he/she wants to  fulfill. Yes children do dream and they do have goals and ambitions.  Just trust your child.
Exam time is no time for pushing your child. Instead it is time to boost their self esteem through your attitude and confidence in them. Be there to help and not reprimand. This will make the child positive because you have mirrored the positive behavior on to them. Once the positive thinking sets in, you and the child would have won half the battle. A negative mind is very stressful and will not be able to learn or concentrate. This will certainly affect the overall performance of the student. The student may loose interest (Ketu) and attention gets dispersed and in some cases leads to illness (House/Bhava 6) too. In worst cases this can be Makrana(death/suicide).
Now the question most of the parents have is how do we become positive. The first and the foremost thing to do is stop asking about the studies. Because when you think of studies you are going to be tensed up yourself and it gets radiated to the student immediately. The uneasy parent and child either have a conflict or the child gets depressed because of the parents attitude which usually is a reprimand. Do not get into this vicious cycle. Leave the studies to the student; it is not your job.
You can help the student to follow a fruitful time-table, where you must encourage the child to have some outdoor activity (Mars), specially walking, exercising, even going to the gym. This all helps the student   to get rid of the negative energy, freshen ups the mind and keeps the child healthy. But do ensure the student follows the time-table. There you can be very strict, but not to criticize but ensuring discipline (Saturn).
The students are themselves tensed up and if you can give them a positive listening they are bound to discuss their problems with you.  Just be there and listen, give advice if you can but do not be critical. Because just by talking and discussing many problems are solved. It clears up the mind and a solution may be found.
Next but not the least, the students do ignore their food. Many students like to binge. Give the students a healthy diet, and do include their favorite dishes, it will help as it is satisfying, which brings on the good hormones which make one feel good (Venus). A good and happy  frame of mind will be more attentive and learning (Mercury) will be better and easy .Venus and Mercury are friendly planets.
And really, do not ban the TV or their mobiles and internet. Yes do have discipline (Saturn) but let the student decide on these issues. Discuss the usefulness of these things and let the child know the limits and insist that the child enforces these himself. That is the only way to ensure minimum usage of these gadgets.
So best of parenting and exams!!

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