Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Exams-Deciding how,when,where to study

These days most of the parents are worried about the performance of their children especially in academics, which is the base of almost all careers. Parents  push their children to perform  but do not realize that sometimes the child inspite of the best efforts and  sincere hard work is not getting even  B grades .For the child and the parents this is traumatic and children are needlessly pushed and pressurized to perform and perform to perfection. Sometimes the parents high expectations from their children have led to the child taking up extreme steps of committing suicide. Parents and teachers repent later but alas the lost child is gone and nothing can bring the child back.
Parents and teachers need to understand and realize that just like everybody has talent and interest in different fields like dancing, singing, painting etc, so is the case with studies .Parents usually have a tendency to think that  
the study/subject is very difficult to understand for the child or the child does not have much interest in a subject or the worst that the Teacher is not paying attention to their child.
The teachers on the other hand categories students (this is quite often the case) in different categories such as

·         Students who are high spirited and aiming for success in examinations
·          Students who are less confident and want to improvise on their caliber
·         Students who aim for smooth success in their endeavors

One important factor that most parents often overlook is – ‘Time’ of study.
After All, Timing is Everything!
Yes it is quite true that time plays a very important and crucial role in the ability to child’s learning.
There is a very important relationship between Time of study and a child’s Academic performance. This can be understood by every parent, teacher and student themselves. Some students like to study at night while some students like to study in the morning. Forcing the student to change time or study like other students does not work and parents get worried and frustrated. Have a heart there is nothing to fear, infact it is in the good interest of your child to let him/her chose their time as well as the place of study. Conducive time of study of every child is not same, let the child find his time and be comfortable. This will improve the concentration of the child as well the interest of the child. Many children like to study in open areas like garden or a park while some may prefer own room for study.
Time does have effect and it has been noted that even difficult subjects have been done by students in the times they have chosen for themselves. I am emphasizing this so that when your child asks for change in timings of study or tuition do listen to the child. This is because some periods have positive and effective energy which affects the learning and retention powers. Energy Time calendars can be found and provided for the students for good performance by an astrologer and it does help the child.

The wisdom of Vedic Astrology can help the students in their pursuit of academic excellence and educational success.
Sometimes there are negative planetary influences. These   create obstacles to the academic performance through.
·         Laziness
·         Distraction or Lack/loss  of Focus in studies
·         Weak friends/ bad company  which waste time of the student
·      Social Addictions  such as internet
·         Lack/loss of appetite or other Dietary Problems etc.
There are many appropriate and specific remedy measures to clear the problems/ obstacles that may be hindering a student’s educational progress. It would be helpful for the student as well as the parents to take astrological help.

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