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Improve your academics.

Going by the name of this planet it effects our mental make up which is the out come of our thoughts, our communication ability and also the ability to remember things . For students this is an important planet and it has direct effect on the studies and the ability to understand and use the information gathered by the brain. It provides the ability to a person to have conceptual thought.
Budha is essentially a piece of mental machinery .
Genuine intelligence  is a property of Surya.
Similarly, "wisdom" is not included in Budha's portfolio.
Wisdom  is the portfolio of Guru.
Mercury  is also known as Kumara ('the teenager'). Kumara is quick, incomplete, reactive not reflective, and "smart". He reveals the internal and external mental processing and messaging style of a person.
·    Budha  shows the native 's power to organize and develop the day-to-day information which humans need to understand  their world.
·    Budha regulates that adult mental-skill toolkit of heuristic devices - aphorisms, mnemonics, rules of thumb, models - which speed thinking and promote accuracy. This also helps in education and academics.
·         If conditions are ideal (e.g., uttama Vargottamsha Budha in kendra not combust,in same rashi with the Sun) the native may be spectacularly intellectualized.
·         Nevertheless, if Surya and Guru lack strength, even a great analyst may not be Wise.
·         A graha drishti from malefics can reduce messaging capabilities. This is going to effect the ability to  write and answer  the exams for the students.
·         Drishti from benefics can expand and enhance communication skills and improve the academic achievements of a student.
The most malefic is the Shani Drishti
Drishti from Shani restrains the articulatory capacity of a person.
If Shani owns and aspects Budha's rashi, the native may struggle to message effectively. This has direct effect on the capability and ability of a student and cause for Average or poor performance
 When Shani has inordinate impact on Budha, the native tends toward unclear speech. The mechanics of Shani-influenced Budha include a tendency to reduce meaningful sounds and truncate words, lopping off final syllables, reducing essential vowels, and dropping final consonants even if the language being spoken requires these items for clear meaning. Such a situation  seriously impedes the interview or the oral achievements of the students.
The most malefic outcome of this effect can be the handwriting . It may become illegible depending on the strength of Shani and its aspect.
In such a situation the native  seems to have resistance toward full articulation of the signal-marks such as the letters, diacritics, connectors, separators, punctuation, etc. in the script. It makes the written text too minimized and the marks become difficult to distinguish resulting in poor performance in academics. In such a case the student or the parent must get astrological and other help.
For Such effected people, Writing becomes a slow and laborious process. In a severe case the Grasp of writing implements, such as pencil, pen etc may be impeded by some manual  handicap.
Guru is the first karaka for language. Budha is  a karaka for grammar, mathematics, and music. So a person with a weak or an afflicted  Budha will experience difficulty with grammar , mathematics and music.
·    All mental pattern-recognition and repetitive mental behaviors fall into Budha's portfolio, whether these mental processes are articulated through expressive language or not.

Thus the state of Mercury in an astrological chart will describe the mental abilities of the person . Of course Guru and Surya also are important  but the base of education is Mercury-Budha. A wise(Guru/Jupiter and intelligent(Surya/Sun) person may be deprived of education  or maybe illiterate(Budha/Mercury)

Conclusion: Strong Budha(Mercury) results in  strong academics

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