Friday, 7 February 2014

EXAMS- get some divine help for your success.

Exam and Test taking is very stressful, irrespective of age. A toddler is as tense as the teenager or the mature student at the time of exams. Test and exams are the things based on which the world forms an impression about one's intelligence in learning. Therefore tests and exams become very important for education and as well as career success.
Test and Exam means having to work and study day and night. It affects the complete family of the student including siblings and friends.
Outcome of Exams and test can be good as well as bad and disappointing but the results - the outcome of Exams and tests is the cumulative effect of many factors.
The foremost factor being the mindset of the student and parents. Remember the work will succeed if the person expects it to succeed. The originating thoughts and negative convictions must be rooted out.
The second factor is discipline and concentrated study.
Every student parent and teacher knows this and everybody tries to do this. Yet many students do not accomplish what they want. With the board exams and the competitive and selection test for Engineering and medical  Entrance  being round the corner, so many students and parents are stressed out and many isnpite of all the hard work and study and tuitions  are fearful of what will happen. 
As an astrologer and a student/ career counselor my heart goes out to all those students and parents .Maybe, some wisdom of Vedic Astrology can be helpful for students who are aiming for academic excellence and educational success. Many parents ask me to analyze the charts of their children and ask for guidance as to how to provide support to their children for academic accomplishments.
Student Astrology, i.e.: the branch of Astrology which is related with the Education of a person gives some Vedic techniques which can bring academic success for any individual. But these are very less known.
Jupiter and Mercury are two planets which are directly influencing the education of an individual. The education levels are represented by the different Bhavas/houses in the birth chart. These are:
 3rd House (schooling),
 4th House (college) and
9th House (advanced degrees),  
Since the planets Mercury and Jupiter play an important role in academic achievements, their influence is very important. So, if these planets are  strong, well placed and provide benefic aspect/drishti to the 3rd House (school), 4th House (college) and 9th House (advanced degrees) A+ student are born. Also of importance is the placement of these three houses in the birth chart. The student's struggles and potentials with this insight of Vedic astrology provide lot of help to determine the student’s achievements.  If there is any problem then proper pariharams (remedies) need to be performed, but mostly, these are simple remedies and can provide lot of assistance to the student and the parents.
Doing targeted remedies based on examination of a person’s planetary influences can actually enhance studies and educational success. These divine remedies strengthen weak planetary positions and blow away negative influences on studies and educational accomplishments. The application of remedies can greatly support the ability to achieve goals without overwhelming obstacles.
 Usually most of the parents are worried and want to know something like
·         Will my child get placed into a better school?
·         What are the prospects for my child's education?
·         Does my two year old child have potential as a successful classical musician/ doctor/surgeon/engineer/Architect, etc….?
·         How will my child do on a very important medical school board exam?
·         How did my son do on his recent written exams?
·         How will my daughter's interview go at her prospective admission?

Answers to all this is possible, but remember
 "Nothing comes to you until you initiate to seek it."

To be continued……….

(please feel free to ask for readings if you or your child is appearing for Exams ) 

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