Sunday, 2 February 2014

Benefits of paying TAX

What are Taxes?
Tax is the money we pay to our Government for having some asset/s or income. It is the money we pay for the nation’s development. The tax may be in the form of Income Tax, property tax, Road tax, import duty and so many other forms. Taxes are part of a financial cycle, some of them; especially the income tax and the property tax are an annual payment by most of the people. But Taxes eradicate a portion of one's previous material holdings and that is why people dislike and avoid paying taxes.
People happily donate, pray, perform poojas for increase in their income, but they themselves fail to pay the taxes, which would in fact be more beneficial to them.
Astrologically, Taxes are actually a powerful transformative device which propels the engine of forward movement (ruled by Mangala) in life, although the primitive, "me first" elements of the personality (ruled by Mesha) unfortunately can't see this truth. Actually to many people, taxes are a "sacrifice": they take away. In astrology Taxes are associated with house/bhava-8. Being associated with the 8th house means to take away something in order to provide an upgraded version of that same something, in the next iteration of the cycle, so taxes also do the same. This means that what the taxes take away from us will come to back to us. Apparently therefore it is foolish to resist paying taxes. Indeed it is quite helpful and it is in our own interest to pay the taxes. It nourishes our transformative energy stores.
Paying our taxes also helps to set away the future prediction of losses due to Government actions. People who make regular payment of government taxes rarely face penalties and legal action by the government. Regular tax payers are prosperous people, because what goes, comes back better and bigger (effect of house/bhav8).
World over the countries where the people are paying taxes are the rich countries, whereas in the third world countries most of its people are neither earning nor paying taxes. Nothing goes and nothing comes.
Why do people resist paying taxes?
Saturn/Shani in 8th house/bhava gives the greatest resistance to paying taxes. Saturn/Shani in 8th also = reduced contributions of capital wealth into the joint assets of marriage and business partnership, from the partner, the spouse or the in-laws. The native with Saturn/Shani in 8th often does not see this cause-effect relationship, but it is the resistance to making somewhat unpredictable but cyclical payments at the time when these payments arise, which prevents the later enjoyment of sudden, uplifting infusions of capital from previously undetected house/bhava(8) sources.
It is also noted that with Saturn/Shani in 8th, the life span of the native is long but with very little financial help from others due to a core ignorance of the native who contributes nothing or little towards the capital as well as the governments revenues.
Tax payments can be a vehicle of liberation but naturally that insight is not available to those with a strictly material understanding of reality. (Shani, not-knowing) about the ulterior & spiritual purpose of taxes.
In the nutshell, it makes lot of sense to pay our taxes, it in reality brings prosperity and also cushions us against the ill effects of losses.

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