Friday, 28 February 2014

Simple way to success

To all the readers

This excerpt is  From "WORKING WITH THE LAW" by Dr. Raymond Holliwell:

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." ~~ Proverbs 23:7
"To the average person, Life is an enigma, a deep mystery, a complex, an incomprehensible problem, or appears so, but it is very simple if one holds the key.
  • Mystery is only another name for ignorance;
  • all things are mysteries when they are not understood,
  • but when we understand life, it no longer appears mysterious.
Man is a progressive being, a creature of constant growth, before whom lies an illimitable ocean of progress to be navigated and conquered only by development and culture of his inherent powers. The progress of the individual is largely determined by hisruling mental state, because the mind is the basic factor and governing power in the entire life of man. Attention should be given to the pre-dominant mental state, for it will regulate the action and direction of all one's forces, faculties and powers, the sum total of which will inevitably determine many particular experiences and the personal fate.
The ruling state of mind is made up of various mental attitudes which the individual adopts towards things, events, and life in general. If his attitudes are broad in mind, optimistic in tone, and true to life, his predominant mental state will correspond and exhibit a highly constructive and progressivetendency. As almost all the forces of the personality function through the conscious mind in one way or another, and as the daily mental and physical acts are largely controlled by the conscious mind, it is obvious that the leading mental state will determine the direction in which the powers of the individual are to proceed.
If his ruling mental state is upward bound, that is, aspiring, harmonious, and positive, all his forces will be directed into constructive channels; but if his state of mind is downward in tendency, that is, discordant and negative, then almost all his forces will be misdirected.
It is evident, therefore, that of all the factors which regulate the life and experience of man, none perhaps exercise a greater influence than the ruling state of mind. Mental attitudes are the result of ideas, and these have their origin in points of view therefore, by seeking true and natural points of view, one may secure the best and most superior ideas, and these in turn will determine the predominating state of mind.
We are prone to believe more than what we see. The evidences of the senses are the only facts that some accept, but now we shall realize more and more that it is what we believe that determines what we shall see.In other words, believing is seeing. More defeats and failures are due to mental blindness than to moral deviations. If one lived only by physical sight, his world would be very small. It is said of a bug that its world is only as large as the size of the leaf on which it lives, and many times it does not live long enough to consume the whole leaf. With man, if he lived according to the senses, the largest sense he possessed would be that of sight. Thus our whole world would extend only as far as we could see.
If we believed in the testimony of our eyes, we would accept many conditions that are not true. For example, if you look down a railroad track, you will observe that at a certain distance the two tracks converge at one point. This is not true. Have you ever stood on the boardwalk and watched a ship slowly sink into the sea as it sailed away? That ship wasn't sinking; our eyes tell us falsely. When you are worried over some obstacle or problem, just remind yourself that it may be purely an illusion of the senses, that it may not be true at all, according to the Law.
Did you know that you don't even see with your eyes? Your eyes are like a pair of windows; at the back, of the window there is a reflector and this reflector, in turn, forms an image of what you see and sets up a wave current. This wave current follows along thin wires called nerves. This relays the image back to the brain. Here at the brain it is referred to the memory center. If the picture is a common one our memory accepts it readily, but if we are looking upon some new picture, some new scene, our memory does not recognize it, and then we must repeat the picture over and over many times until it makes a lasting impression. Therefore, we do not see with our eyes; we see with our mind.
Thought is a subtle element; although it is invisible to the physical sight, it is an actual force or substance, as real as electricity, light, heat,water or even stone. We are surrounded by a vast ocean of thought stuff through which our thoughts pass like currents of electricity, or tiny streaks of light or musical waves. You can flash your thoughts from pole to pole, completely around the world many times in less than a single second. Scientists tell us that thought is compared with the speed of light. They tell us our thoughts travel at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. Our thought travels 930,000 times faster than the sound of our voice. No other force or power in the universe yet known is as great or as quick. It is a proven fact, scientifically, that the mind is a battery of force, the greatest of any known element.
It is an unlimited force; your power to think is inexhaustible, yet there is not one in a thousand who may be fully aware of the possibilities of his thought power. We are mere babes in handling it. As we grow in understanding and in the right use of thought, we will learn to banish our ills, to establish good in every form we may desire. It is our power to think that determines our state of living. As one is able to think, he generates a power that travels far and near, and this power sets up a radiation which becomes individual as he determines it. Our thoughts affect our welfare, and often affect others we think of. The kind of thoughts we register on our memories or habitually think attracts the same kind of conditions.
If we take the thought of success and keep it in mind, the thought elements will be attracted, for "like attracts like." We are mentally drawn to the universal thought currents of success, and these thought currents of success are existent all around us. We will psychically contact minds who think along the same lines, and later such minds will be brought into our lives. Therefore, successful minded people help success to come to them. That is how successful living is founded.
The Law of mind is in perpetual operation, and it works both ways. Persons who dwell on thoughts of failure or poverty will gravitate toward like conditions; they, in turn, will draw to them people who accept failure and poverty. On the other hand, we can think on positive conditions, on success and plenty, and in the same manner, enjoy full and plenty. What the mind holds within takes its form in the outer world.
Some think that we must deal with two forces; that is, to attract the good we must do away with the bad, but this is not true. For example; if we are cold, we do not work with cold and heat alike in order to get warm. We build a fire, and as we gather around that fire we enjoy the heat that is extended from it and become warm. As we build up warmth, the cold disappears, for cold is the absence of heat. To be warm, we give our whole thought to those things which tend to create warmth; we ignore the cold in thinking of heat and bring forth heat.
Prosperity and poverty are not two things; they are merely two sides of one and the same thing. They are but one power, rightly or wrongly used. We cannot think of plenty and then worry about the unfavorable conditions that may seem apparent. We think about plenty, and as we think of it, lack, its opposite, will become absorbed or disappear.
All our thoughts must be directed to that one thing which we desire in order that our desire may be fulfilled. Our method is not manipulating two powers, not dealing with good and evil, right and wrong, prosperity and poverty, but as we follow the Law of Good and dwell upon that which is good we shall bring to pass all good things.
The mind force is creating continually like fertile soil. Nature does not differentiate between the seed of a weed and that of a flower. She produces and causes both seeds to grow.
The same energy is used for both, and so it is with the mind. The mind creates either good or bad. Your ideas determine which is to be created

Monday, 24 February 2014

Budha's problem-solving skills

Here is a beautiful story which shows the ability of a person who uses the Budha to solve his problem.
Potato Garden
An old man lived alone in Idaho. He wanted to spade his garden and grow some potatoes for his food, but it was very hard work for him.
His only son, Budha, who used to help him, was in prison. In desperation the old man thought of writing a letter to his son and mention his predicament, thinking may be some way his son would help. He wrote
My Dear son Budha,
I am feeling very bad because it seems that it is very likely I won't be able to plant any potatoes in our garden this year. I'm just getting very old to be digging up the garden plot. I wish you were here, and then all my troubles would be over. I know you would dig the plot for me.
Love, Dad
A few days later he received a letter from his son.
Dear Dad,
"For HEAVEN'S SAKE, Dad, don't dig up the garden! That's where I buried the GUNS!"
Love, Budha
At 4 A.M. the next morning, a dozen FBI agents and local police officers showed up. They dug up the entire area without finding any guns. They apologized to the old man and left.
That same day the old man received another letter from his son.
Dear Dad,
Go ahead and plant the potatoes now. It's the best I could do under the circumstances.
Love, Budha
Now you see these people who have strong and well placed Budha (Mercury) can be very smart. And it is greatly beneficial if you can strengthen your Budha (Mercury) through some remedial measures.
These remedial measures are very simple but again a warning please does not attempt remedies on your own without proper and professional advice. Things can go wrong.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Improve your academics.

Going by the name of this planet it effects our mental make up which is the out come of our thoughts, our communication ability and also the ability to remember things . For students this is an important planet and it has direct effect on the studies and the ability to understand and use the information gathered by the brain. It provides the ability to a person to have conceptual thought.
Budha is essentially a piece of mental machinery .
Genuine intelligence  is a property of Surya.
Similarly, "wisdom" is not included in Budha's portfolio.
Wisdom  is the portfolio of Guru.
Mercury  is also known as Kumara ('the teenager'). Kumara is quick, incomplete, reactive not reflective, and "smart". He reveals the internal and external mental processing and messaging style of a person.
·    Budha  shows the native 's power to organize and develop the day-to-day information which humans need to understand  their world.
·    Budha regulates that adult mental-skill toolkit of heuristic devices - aphorisms, mnemonics, rules of thumb, models - which speed thinking and promote accuracy. This also helps in education and academics.
·         If conditions are ideal (e.g., uttama Vargottamsha Budha in kendra not combust,in same rashi with the Sun) the native may be spectacularly intellectualized.
·         Nevertheless, if Surya and Guru lack strength, even a great analyst may not be Wise.
·         A graha drishti from malefics can reduce messaging capabilities. This is going to effect the ability to  write and answer  the exams for the students.
·         Drishti from benefics can expand and enhance communication skills and improve the academic achievements of a student.
The most malefic is the Shani Drishti
Drishti from Shani restrains the articulatory capacity of a person.
If Shani owns and aspects Budha's rashi, the native may struggle to message effectively. This has direct effect on the capability and ability of a student and cause for Average or poor performance
 When Shani has inordinate impact on Budha, the native tends toward unclear speech. The mechanics of Shani-influenced Budha include a tendency to reduce meaningful sounds and truncate words, lopping off final syllables, reducing essential vowels, and dropping final consonants even if the language being spoken requires these items for clear meaning. Such a situation  seriously impedes the interview or the oral achievements of the students.
The most malefic outcome of this effect can be the handwriting . It may become illegible depending on the strength of Shani and its aspect.
In such a situation the native  seems to have resistance toward full articulation of the signal-marks such as the letters, diacritics, connectors, separators, punctuation, etc. in the script. It makes the written text too minimized and the marks become difficult to distinguish resulting in poor performance in academics. In such a case the student or the parent must get astrological and other help.
For Such effected people, Writing becomes a slow and laborious process. In a severe case the Grasp of writing implements, such as pencil, pen etc may be impeded by some manual  handicap.
Guru is the first karaka for language. Budha is  a karaka for grammar, mathematics, and music. So a person with a weak or an afflicted  Budha will experience difficulty with grammar , mathematics and music.
·    All mental pattern-recognition and repetitive mental behaviors fall into Budha's portfolio, whether these mental processes are articulated through expressive language or not.

Thus the state of Mercury in an astrological chart will describe the mental abilities of the person . Of course Guru and Surya also are important  but the base of education is Mercury-Budha. A wise(Guru/Jupiter and intelligent(Surya/Sun) person may be deprived of education  or maybe illiterate(Budha/Mercury)

Conclusion: Strong Budha(Mercury) results in  strong academics

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Exams-Deciding how,when,where to study

These days most of the parents are worried about the performance of their children especially in academics, which is the base of almost all careers. Parents  push their children to perform  but do not realize that sometimes the child inspite of the best efforts and  sincere hard work is not getting even  B grades .For the child and the parents this is traumatic and children are needlessly pushed and pressurized to perform and perform to perfection. Sometimes the parents high expectations from their children have led to the child taking up extreme steps of committing suicide. Parents and teachers repent later but alas the lost child is gone and nothing can bring the child back.
Parents and teachers need to understand and realize that just like everybody has talent and interest in different fields like dancing, singing, painting etc, so is the case with studies .Parents usually have a tendency to think that  
the study/subject is very difficult to understand for the child or the child does not have much interest in a subject or the worst that the Teacher is not paying attention to their child.
The teachers on the other hand categories students (this is quite often the case) in different categories such as

·         Students who are high spirited and aiming for success in examinations
·          Students who are less confident and want to improvise on their caliber
·         Students who aim for smooth success in their endeavors

One important factor that most parents often overlook is – ‘Time’ of study.
After All, Timing is Everything!
Yes it is quite true that time plays a very important and crucial role in the ability to child’s learning.
There is a very important relationship between Time of study and a child’s Academic performance. This can be understood by every parent, teacher and student themselves. Some students like to study at night while some students like to study in the morning. Forcing the student to change time or study like other students does not work and parents get worried and frustrated. Have a heart there is nothing to fear, infact it is in the good interest of your child to let him/her chose their time as well as the place of study. Conducive time of study of every child is not same, let the child find his time and be comfortable. This will improve the concentration of the child as well the interest of the child. Many children like to study in open areas like garden or a park while some may prefer own room for study.
Time does have effect and it has been noted that even difficult subjects have been done by students in the times they have chosen for themselves. I am emphasizing this so that when your child asks for change in timings of study or tuition do listen to the child. This is because some periods have positive and effective energy which affects the learning and retention powers. Energy Time calendars can be found and provided for the students for good performance by an astrologer and it does help the child.

The wisdom of Vedic Astrology can help the students in their pursuit of academic excellence and educational success.
Sometimes there are negative planetary influences. These   create obstacles to the academic performance through.
·         Laziness
·         Distraction or Lack/loss  of Focus in studies
·         Weak friends/ bad company  which waste time of the student
·      Social Addictions  such as internet
·         Lack/loss of appetite or other Dietary Problems etc.
There are many appropriate and specific remedy measures to clear the problems/ obstacles that may be hindering a student’s educational progress. It would be helpful for the student as well as the parents to take astrological help.

Friday, 7 February 2014

EXAMS- get some divine help for your success.

Exam and Test taking is very stressful, irrespective of age. A toddler is as tense as the teenager or the mature student at the time of exams. Test and exams are the things based on which the world forms an impression about one's intelligence in learning. Therefore tests and exams become very important for education and as well as career success.
Test and Exam means having to work and study day and night. It affects the complete family of the student including siblings and friends.
Outcome of Exams and test can be good as well as bad and disappointing but the results - the outcome of Exams and tests is the cumulative effect of many factors.
The foremost factor being the mindset of the student and parents. Remember the work will succeed if the person expects it to succeed. The originating thoughts and negative convictions must be rooted out.
The second factor is discipline and concentrated study.
Every student parent and teacher knows this and everybody tries to do this. Yet many students do not accomplish what they want. With the board exams and the competitive and selection test for Engineering and medical  Entrance  being round the corner, so many students and parents are stressed out and many isnpite of all the hard work and study and tuitions  are fearful of what will happen. 
As an astrologer and a student/ career counselor my heart goes out to all those students and parents .Maybe, some wisdom of Vedic Astrology can be helpful for students who are aiming for academic excellence and educational success. Many parents ask me to analyze the charts of their children and ask for guidance as to how to provide support to their children for academic accomplishments.
Student Astrology, i.e.: the branch of Astrology which is related with the Education of a person gives some Vedic techniques which can bring academic success for any individual. But these are very less known.
Jupiter and Mercury are two planets which are directly influencing the education of an individual. The education levels are represented by the different Bhavas/houses in the birth chart. These are:
 3rd House (schooling),
 4th House (college) and
9th House (advanced degrees),  
Since the planets Mercury and Jupiter play an important role in academic achievements, their influence is very important. So, if these planets are  strong, well placed and provide benefic aspect/drishti to the 3rd House (school), 4th House (college) and 9th House (advanced degrees) A+ student are born. Also of importance is the placement of these three houses in the birth chart. The student's struggles and potentials with this insight of Vedic astrology provide lot of help to determine the student’s achievements.  If there is any problem then proper pariharams (remedies) need to be performed, but mostly, these are simple remedies and can provide lot of assistance to the student and the parents.
Doing targeted remedies based on examination of a person’s planetary influences can actually enhance studies and educational success. These divine remedies strengthen weak planetary positions and blow away negative influences on studies and educational accomplishments. The application of remedies can greatly support the ability to achieve goals without overwhelming obstacles.
 Usually most of the parents are worried and want to know something like
·         Will my child get placed into a better school?
·         What are the prospects for my child's education?
·         Does my two year old child have potential as a successful classical musician/ doctor/surgeon/engineer/Architect, etc….?
·         How will my child do on a very important medical school board exam?
·         How did my son do on his recent written exams?
·         How will my daughter's interview go at her prospective admission?

Answers to all this is possible, but remember
 "Nothing comes to you until you initiate to seek it."

To be continued……….

(please feel free to ask for readings if you or your child is appearing for Exams ) 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Benefits of paying TAX

What are Taxes?
Tax is the money we pay to our Government for having some asset/s or income. It is the money we pay for the nation’s development. The tax may be in the form of Income Tax, property tax, Road tax, import duty and so many other forms. Taxes are part of a financial cycle, some of them; especially the income tax and the property tax are an annual payment by most of the people. But Taxes eradicate a portion of one's previous material holdings and that is why people dislike and avoid paying taxes.
People happily donate, pray, perform poojas for increase in their income, but they themselves fail to pay the taxes, which would in fact be more beneficial to them.
Astrologically, Taxes are actually a powerful transformative device which propels the engine of forward movement (ruled by Mangala) in life, although the primitive, "me first" elements of the personality (ruled by Mesha) unfortunately can't see this truth. Actually to many people, taxes are a "sacrifice": they take away. In astrology Taxes are associated with house/bhava-8. Being associated with the 8th house means to take away something in order to provide an upgraded version of that same something, in the next iteration of the cycle, so taxes also do the same. This means that what the taxes take away from us will come to back to us. Apparently therefore it is foolish to resist paying taxes. Indeed it is quite helpful and it is in our own interest to pay the taxes. It nourishes our transformative energy stores.
Paying our taxes also helps to set away the future prediction of losses due to Government actions. People who make regular payment of government taxes rarely face penalties and legal action by the government. Regular tax payers are prosperous people, because what goes, comes back better and bigger (effect of house/bhav8).
World over the countries where the people are paying taxes are the rich countries, whereas in the third world countries most of its people are neither earning nor paying taxes. Nothing goes and nothing comes.
Why do people resist paying taxes?
Saturn/Shani in 8th house/bhava gives the greatest resistance to paying taxes. Saturn/Shani in 8th also = reduced contributions of capital wealth into the joint assets of marriage and business partnership, from the partner, the spouse or the in-laws. The native with Saturn/Shani in 8th often does not see this cause-effect relationship, but it is the resistance to making somewhat unpredictable but cyclical payments at the time when these payments arise, which prevents the later enjoyment of sudden, uplifting infusions of capital from previously undetected house/bhava(8) sources.
It is also noted that with Saturn/Shani in 8th, the life span of the native is long but with very little financial help from others due to a core ignorance of the native who contributes nothing or little towards the capital as well as the governments revenues.
Tax payments can be a vehicle of liberation but naturally that insight is not available to those with a strictly material understanding of reality. (Shani, not-knowing) about the ulterior & spiritual purpose of taxes.
In the nutshell, it makes lot of sense to pay our taxes, it in reality brings prosperity and also cushions us against the ill effects of losses.