Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Is it possible to avoid bad marriage even if u love somebody?

Yes it is possible to do that. And it would be the best thing to do, not to marry the person u love if you are aware that the marriage will be a bad one. As already discussed in my blog earlier, love is the function of the fifth house whereas marriage is the function of the seventh house. Both should not be confused. But unfortunately many people believe that romantic love must culminate into a marriage. This is a wrong set of mind.
What is Love? Love is the desire for another to have happiness. And a bad marriage brings happiness to no one, to neither of the partners. The confusion should be cleared and with the necessity of marriage having little validity and all importance in today’s world, it can be put on the last burner. Most people have a quite limited understanding of marriage, and therefore confuse the sexual, social, and spiritual purposes of marriage.
But this is an essential understanding that every person should be aware of. If u know the marriage is going to be bad, be prepared for a hell on this earth. It can bring physical, social, economical and emotional turmoils as well as bruises for life. That is why divorces take place and they are devastating, affecting not only the partners but also the families of both the partners.
So marriages, especially those undertaken during period of Rahu, might better be avoided by those with the self-knowledge to avoid them. But this is a Catch-22 statement because it is precisely the Rahu-dominated folks who can't avoid these marriages due to intense, past-life-rooted passions which strongly tend to make history repeat itself. Rahu gives burning desires for pleasure, excitement, tumultuous change, and uprising of subconscious patterns into consciousness. If your consciousness permits a higher awareness of your repeating desire patterns, you can avoid unfavorable marriages entirely by working out some other type of partnership [business, caretaking, service] with the object of your Rahu-driven passions. Such a relationship will be more happy and successful.
Of course once the Rahu period is over and the partners are happy to continue, then the marriage can take place and such a marriage will be more meaningful.
How it happens?
Rahu creates obsessive-compulsive behavior, passions, OBSESSIONS. His special forte is sexuality and money, jealousy and greed. So during Rahu periods, people often wonder "what hit me?" Suddenly the feelings change with a hurricane force. An intense new hunger for a person, substance, or experience arises. One feels willing to sacrifice all life stability in order to gain this burning desire. Once achieved, however, the object of desire becomes repugnant, revolting, hideous... and so the inevitable and permanent cycle of attraction-repulsion makes a yo-yo toy of the mind. Everything becomes dramatic, extreme, a violent roller-coaster of desire and revulsion ... until finally, the Rahu period expires.
This Rahu Effect explains why it is that the love marriages are not very successful as compared with the arranged marriages. But even arranged marriage, if it takes place in Rahu bhukti chances of Rahu Effect are certain.
So, if you are in Rahu's grips right now, take heart! Although Rahu periods do create these marriages for less conscious folks, if you are conscious enough to know that Rahu is operating and you find yourself immersed in a powerful attraction-repulsion take the scriptural advice and resist marriage! Wait and marry when the stars are more favorable for a happy married life.

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