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The season of festivals has begun in India and the most important festival Diwali-The Festival of Lights,  is round the corner. It is a festival of immense joy and celebrations.  Every body is getting ready for this important festival. People are busy  preparing  their homes and themselves for the special festivities and maybe these  Vastu tips are helpful.
And  it never hurts to do something the better way .
Vastu, the science of placement, can be put to good use in your home and workplace on Diwali day to bring positivity inside. It will also aid you to receive the blessings of the reigning deities of this festival.
It will be noticed  that we have been following  these  principles of Vastu  all these years without even being aware of them, we have been doing all these things in the name of tradition !!
Cleaning  Up
Tide up Your place. It helps you to get rid of negativity.
Remember the old days when every house used to be white washed before Diwali!! It helps to clean up. White washing or getting a fresh paint coat also energizes  spaces.  How?
Firstly, we move things . And that may bring about the The Magic of 27--It is a good idea to make changes in the setting of the house, it gives a different feeling and it is believed that moving 27 things in the house helps good fortunes and fates. Well how to move 27 things, it may be quite difficult but every small item moved will be counted, even moving  the salt and peppershakers!!
Secondly  we are very likely to find many unwanted things and throw those out. Time and again vastu experts emphasis the importance of uncluttered place,be it home or office. Diwali is the time when we get new things, either we purchase or we receive gifts, so we need to have space for the new. Better get rid of the unwanted and useless things especially old magazines, crockery, furniture etc.
Decorating your house
●    Use diyas (earthen pots) with pure ghee for lighting the house. In case, this is not possible, linseed and mustard oils can be used. These oils have beneficial health affects and kill harmful germs and insects.
Avoid using  candles, as they only add to the pollution without any health benefits.
 Using electric lights avoids pollution, but it  has no health benefits. 
●    While  placing the diyas on  parapet and the boundary walls, they should be   in multiples of four. This is because  each diya represents the reigning deity of Diwali – Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Kuber and Lord Indra  (you would not want to separate them!)
●  . Rangoli is a must on Diwali day  to welcome Goddess  Lakshmi.  Rangoli is a colourful design made on the floor. In a traditional household, the lady of the house begins her daily chores by drawing lines of rangoli  in front of the puja room and the tulsi plant. This is said to purify lady and bestows her strength to remain lively and fresh throughout the complete day. So Make a rangoli  at or near the entrance of your  house. And if you also have a  puja room or puja space decorate it with Rangoli.
Ready to use  colors and ready made  designs are available in the markets, or you can  Use the traditional material for it, like sand or rice powder mixed with food coloring. This infuses positivity all around.
●    Another way to make the home environment positive is to place a crystal bowl filled with water and rose petals on the centre table of your drawing room. Float five diyas or candles in it and light them after  the sunset.
The Right way to invite Goddess Lakshmi
At the entrance to the house,in addition to Rangoli, make small footprints to symbolize the goddess’ entry into the house.
Place an image of Lakshmi and Ganesh on the front door. It  enhances positive energy and dispels negativity.
Another interesting décor idea as per vaastu is the display of colourful bandanwars or door hangings. The designs, colours, bells and mirrors used in making these door-hangings give your home a beautiful look as well as create the perfect ambience for attracting prosperity.
Fix Toran on the main door to bring in  good luck.
Marigold flowers and mango leaves tied to the frame of the main door represents nature's abundance and attract  good luck.
Refill your normal sugar reserves in the kitchen to ensure sweet days ahead.
Distributing sweets is always treated to be auspicious. Then why not to give sweets with the gift items, so that even if some mistake is committed in giving the gifts then the malefic effects be reduced.
Do not give fire crackers in the shape of the gifts to the friends or the near ones. It is not good for them and the givers.
Do not give leather and cutlery sets  as gifts, because in certain cutlery items knives are there. It is not auspicious for both giver and takers. This is the festival of ties and love and knives work for cutting. It affects the relationship and or the health.
 Leather items are made of the dead animals’ skin and hence not treated to be auspicious. We have to give the encouraging life to the people belong to us in any way.
Plan your future during the auspicious and happy days.
Diwali is the ideal time to chalk out your financial goals for the year, or review them if required.
Vaastu suggests that you write down your wealth aspirations.
What Colors to  wear and gift
It would be better to avoid wearing black colours on  Diwali. Also avoid giving black colored clothes and other gift  items .
Wearing of Red, yellow, purple, white, cream, blue colours would add to the joy and cheers.

Of course, a Vastu expert can help obtain fuller Vastu benefits on Diwali, but above given  simple steps would certainly contribute towards bringing positivity in your household and bestow health, wealth and overall prosperity to all.

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