Sunday, 13 October 2013

Navratri and Astrology


Let us now see what was happening astrologically during the Navratri.

First of all it is seen that   Mars  was transiting to Leo on 5th October i.e. the same day when Shardiya Navratri  started.
Mars = Vitality and Revitalization. For two months Mars was experiencing debilitation which means it was weak. We all know that Mars is all about energy, zeal, action and decisiveness .With this transit of Mars it looks like that Mars is going to gain a rebirth on this day. Therefore during these nine days of  Navratri it should be a good time to initiate some fresh work. As is a tradition, people consider Navratri to be an auspicious time to start new work, buy property or even buy new vehicles.
Secondly now Venus would be placed in Scorpio. And Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Venus is the planet responsible for much of our partnerships including marriage and other contractual interactions in this life.
Venus = women in general, with their unique culture of beauty and fashion, art and music - the exalted feminine values of high civilization.
Venus always works in tandem with its worthy adversary, the planet Mars.  Venus represents the feminine, attractive, incoming energy. Mars shows the masculine, pursuing, outgoing energy. Within any person and within any relationship, there is a mix and balance of male and female energy. Therefore combination  of Venus and Mars during this time emphasizes harmony in all spheres of life.
Lastly, Saturn will be positioned in Libra.  Venus is the Lord of Libra. Saturn experiences exaltation in Libra. It makes Saturn very powerful. This is happening after 30 years. As Venus gains strength Saturn would gain more and more power. It will then give benefic results.
Overall it is observed that the period of Navratri is an important phase when we can pray and seek  divine blessings. Every human life starts with the mother, who gives birth and nourishes a life with her own and the divine mother Goddess is no different. She is always there to protect us and help us. Thus pleasing the divine mother in the nine days of Navratri empowers everyone’s horoscope. Devotion to her   brings about happiness and success. It is a very good period to please the mother for gaining “Akhanda Lakshmi”. It is advisable to worship Shri Lakshmi Maa in her eight forms simultaneously with the normal routine Pooja during the nine days of Navratri.
Jai Mata di

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