Friday, 4 October 2013

Defining Astrology

It would be very easy if we put the definition in a lay mans terms.

Astrology, in simple words is the study of planetary impact on our lives.
Planets, are the celestial bodies such as the:- Sun,Moon,Mars,Mercury,Jupiter,Venus, Saturn,Pluto,Uranus,Neptune and the two major Astrological shadow planets Rahu and Ketu.

 We all know how we are affected by the direct effect of Sun. The Sun rises and the world rises to work, and when the sun sets the world seems to settle down to rest. What is it that causes us to wake up, work and then go off to rest?
Would any scientist question or doubt that it is the effect of energy from the sun that is affecting the humans and the other living beings within the reach of sunshine.

In a Similar manner to the Sun we witness the effects of moon such as the high-tide, the eclipse etc. And in the same manner there are effects of other planets but we are not aware of. Therefore there may have been innumerable instances proving the influence of astrology on our day-to-day life, but we may not be aware of it. Only when an Astrologer brings it to people’s notice do we realize the effect of the planets, (commonly known as stars by the people.)

Today, astrology has become a profound ancient science which is an important source of information and guidance.  Actually Astrology has a great lot of wisdom to offer apart from solutions to problems in our lives.

 It has been noticed that many a times our problems just vanish on their own. At times a problem gets solved on its own. Is it that we just needed to wait for the right times?  That is precisely the reason why we work out the auspicious time for the important tasks and events in our lives. It should be common sense that when we plan to perform important tasks in our life at the auspicious times and ask the astrologer for the “ muhurat” , why we fail to understand the importance of the time when we are in a bad situation.

It would be right to pay lots and lots of attention to time. Astrology provides great insight into what is time----KAAL. Needless to emphasis, we have all heard people say that times change. It is indeed very true that times changes because Planets change. Planets never remain the same, often, they are in transit, sometimes weakly placed or badly placed, many a times, you would find them favorable, and they establish connections with each other and so on. All these movements have significant effect on our lives, and go on to form the basis of the extensive science called astrology.

The perception of astrology might vary for various  people, for some it is a pure science, while for many  others it is a divine guidance, for some others, it is sacred.  Many people consider Astrology as a form of a psychic sciences, something like prophecy or psychometrics. To the believers of   astrology it is “king of all science” a perfect combination of science, spirituality and faith.

Yet there is no dearth of non-believers.  For such people astrology is nothing but a mere reminder of human insecurity and lack of confidence in their own selves.

The truth is that just like every science astrology is a science and very few people understand its working just like very few people understand the  medical science AND  working of human body. 

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