Friday, 27 September 2013

Approach to an Astrologer

Most of us are curious to know about our future.
 We want to know the answers to many questions like "When would I get married?" , "What career should I choose?", "When would this happen?", "Will I be Rich?", "Will I succeed in business?", or you have questions about children, loved ones, health etc.

You approach an astrologer. You are eager to get an answer to your question for the future or find a solution to your problem. The astrologer gives his prediction. There is no way to  know the basis for his prediction except for the horoscope, but yet one believes what one hears from the astrologer,  just as one has no medical knowledge and yet believes what the doctor predicts and prescribes.

There is certainly lot of difference in what the doctors do and what the astrologer does. But the thing is that we have faith in our doctor while the astrologer , well we somehow do not fully trust the astrologers.

It is for this very reason that we always are looking for a good astrologer.

The doctor cures the disease, we feel well and the symptoms of the disease also disappear but it is not the same case with an astrologer. Why ?

The doctor gives us a prescription, it is for some specific medicines, to be taken in a particular time frame. This is the remedy to our illness.  Since we are ill and uncomfortable due to the disease we take the medicine and follow all the instructions of the doctor. The problem gets fixed and we follow the prescription till the doctor advises. This is a short term process,  well if there  is some what a chronicle disease the treatment will be long or for that matter some life style changes need to be made and some medicine or treatments are continued for a long period.  But if  we do not follow the doctor’s advise,  we feel uncomfortable and then again we take medicines which give relief.

ON the other hand, the problems with which we go to the astrologer are  long term problems such as  "Will I succeed in business?" or  "When would I get married?". Such things come to our mind when we are having  stressful and unhappy times and we rush to an astrologer and want instant answer or remedy.

Yes it is possible the astrologer can give an instant answer as well as a remedy.It maybe  wearing some stone or getting to do some “puja” etc. But then what happens, usually nothing happens soon enough to feel its effects. And we lose our faith in Astrology and the Astrologer. We forget that the problem we have such as the above given examples are   long term situations and will need a long term remedy. We do not give enough time to the remedies and or have a half hearted approach . No business becomes successful overnight or in a month or two neither do we find the right marriage partners quickly, and even if we do, we take time for getting married as we ourselves want to understand our feelings and our partner.

Moreover the Astrologers  are also to blame for the lack of trust people have in them. Either the Astrologers are “doom and gloom” astrologers or mere quick fix solutions for the sake of getting money in the name of “ puja”, etc. which rarely are the right remedies . These are the astrologers who call planets like Saturn “malefic”—as if a planet could reach down and make your life a living hell.

Fortunately or unfortunately, astrology "works" as a Truth Vehicle Only to the extent that the Astrologer comprehends   the duties of the planets which are  executing the “ Will of God” and  the ability of the astrologer to accurately explain those duties (if not that Will!) of the planets to the asker. This is a tall order, indeed!

 A successful reading combines knowledge of the “vidya of Jyotisha”, with deep personal intuition developed in meditation, prayer and a sense of caring for others.

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